Reviewing Old Resolutions/Aiming High and Accepting Low

Happy New Year!

Just before the holidays, I spent some time discarding and donating stuff I no longer wanted when I came across this tattered list.  It is an outline of wishes and goals I hoped for in my 39th year.

It was just the distraction I needed to stop de-cluttering.

Thirteen years ago, when I crafted the list, my kids were nearing adulthood, so I aimed high.  I hoped for things like a fake wood floor, a better car, a book deal, $500 more a month,  travel opportunities, a soulful community, lower cholesterol, and a  promising relationship. And then I scrawled all of the qualities I wanted my suitor to have.

I think I’d listened to some motivational guru Tony Robbins cassette tapes that inspired me to be focused and intentional about what I wanted.

There’s nothing wrong with being focused, so long as it’s tempered with flexibility.

So how did I fare, achieving my goals?

Well, that year (2003) I was fortunate to enjoy a soulful community and I completed the first draft of my memoir.

And over the next ten years, I did get a fake wood floor, a better used car, and more money. I began to travel, and completed more drafts of my memoir, finally publishing it a few months ago.

Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters








My cholesterol is still high, but my good numbers increased while the bad decreased.

And my promising relationship?





Songwriter Leonard Cohen once mentioned in an interview that perhaps his greatest goal was to recall what he’d hoped to achieve as a young man, compare it to what actually did happen in his life as he grew older, and then accept the gap between the two with grace.

Of all my  resolutions for 2017, this is perhaps what I want most of all.

Accepting the gap. And keeping hope and faith alive for the future.

What are your resolutions for the New Year?

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Three Things I Loved About 2013 and My Top Three Blog Posts

Happy New Year!

What are the top three things you’re most proud of from 2013?

I like reflecting on these each New Year rather than to make  commitments to achieve new goals.

My top three sources of pride in 2013?

This was a first for me, given that I didn’t meet most of them until I was an adult. I will  treasure the memories.

2. My adult daughters and I have transitioned from merely tolerating sharing space in the house to becoming a team again, no small feat for three outspoken females.

We’ve learned to bicker less and support one another more effectively. I’m not hoping we’ll live together forever, but at the moment, I wouldn’t change a thing if I could. Boomerang kids may be underrated.

3. I created time for writing. 

Writing classes, writing retreats, writing articles, working with an editor on my books, and being faithful to this blog.  And I’m happy to say that it’s paid off. I hear from you, either in comments or in daily visits, at a good clip now. 

My top three posts of 2013 were

Is it Loneliness or Love? Why do we Cling to Relationships that are Bad for Us?

Recipe for Disaster: The Factors that Influenced the Acquittal of Lisa Donlon

Solo Travel for Women/Are We Just Asking for It?

As you ring in 2014, I hope you’ll take time to look over what you’ve done that your most pleased about in 2013.

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