While a master’s degree in curriculum development may have helped The Innate Coach Traci Philips map out how to serve executive leaders worldwide,  her experience with new motherhood was the internship that provided opportunity for growth

In this week’s episode, Traci shares how she had courageous conversations with the team of doctors and nurses on the importance of how to deliver cautionary news, and gives tips on what is needed to unify a team that could easily be divided by conflict.

You will learn:

  • Cultivating empathy for the offending party, choosing to see the world through their lens, can make addressing a  conflict with grace that much easier.
  •  Assertively addressing conflicts in a team environment optimizes the overall performance.
  • Asking yourself three critical questions before engaging in a battle can clarify how and when to proceed.

You can find Traci at Eavesdrop in the Moment on Facebook, or find her on YouTube here.

To work with Traci, contact her at theinnatecoach.com

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