Hi, I’m Lizbeth,

I help those grounded in grit learn to turn their challenges into superpowers.

…because going through hard stuff is universal, but choosing to incorporate them to create a life we’re proud of requires support, accountability, and stubborn persistence.


Does this sound familiar?
  • ​Your toxic relationship ended years ago. Now it’s you who is perpetuating negative messages about yourself, letting your thoughts dwell on your perceived deficits or qualities.
  • You’ve gone through some huge life changes, including some you didn’t want, but you’ve not sought support because—you tell yourself—you’re mentally strong.
  • You’ve been committing to the same goals or New Year’s Resolutions over and over again without creating space or a system that’ll help you succeed.
  • You feel guilty if you put yourself on or near the top of your list of priorities, even though you know better.

* You would set limits with your adult kids, but you feel too bad for things that happened during their childhood, and now feel you must spend the rest of your life making it up to them.

You are not alone. Not even close.

​I’m a coach, an online instructor, and podcaster at Persistence U with Lizbeth. A mom of two fierce women in their thirties. I recently relocated to Chattanooga by myself (unless you include pets) after more than five decades in Alaska, and I’m now a novice paddle-boarder. And I’m a writer. My memoir is now a Lifetime TV movie, true fact.

It probably goes without saying that lots of my life has been a struggle. I mean, how many happy memoirs premiere on Lifetime? ????

But I learned a few things as I sent back my intergenerational inheritance to embrace a life of my choosing. And now it’s my joy to work with other people interested in greenlighting their own changes.

For years I worked through my lunch and put in long hours for my j-o-b, putting myself last. Raising two boys as a single mom with a deadbeat ex, I didn’t have a lot of time.

Then they grew up, and for the most part moved out. My excuse of not enough time was laid bare for the excuse it was.

Working with Lizbeth gave me the nudge. Now I know I can make time for myself when I want to, no matter what’s going on in my life.

I finally have given myself permission to take care of myself and prioritize myself.

Eva W.

What experience do I have? Great question!

Credential wise, I earned a bachelor’s in journalism and a graduate degree in psychology with extra training on trauma-informed care and The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study. But I didn’t elect to become a therapist. I’ve long believed in accountability and restoration as part of the healing process. I’ve worked as an advocate for domestic abuse survivors, then as a child abuse investigator, and finally, twenty years as a probation officer.

I’ve been featured in, Mamapedia, Woman’s Day, A&E, and Access Hollywood.

What I’m Offering Now:

$97 an hour private coaching on a once a week or twice a month basis. 

​Our lives are a story. We didn’t write the early chapters. In the middle, we have the good fortune of knowing more. Now can commit to making the changes needed to create the life we’re most proud of.

Click HERE to book your FREE discovery call.

Still here?

Terrific! Just remember there will never be an ideal time to invest time in you. If not now, when? Your coaching hour is free, and from there, we’ll see if we should continue to work together.

Thank you so much. You turned my life around in a great way! Many thanks.

Rosemary S.

I’m glad I was able to have you in our lives during our difficult situation. I would not have wanted anyone else. I learned so much with you and how you gave me the push when I needed when I thought everything was lost and didn’t know how to even start to get help…I will always remember you.

Rosalyn M.

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