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From small groups of college students, virtual conferences, to filled stadiums, I adore speaking events. After doing well over 100 of them, I’ve learned connecting and motivating is a strength. I’ve spoken on issues of justice, victimization, empowerment, writing techniques, hybrid publishing, trauma and resilience, and how to remain hopeful in hopeless times.
And to do it well, it takes much preparation and energy.

Contact me directly and we’ll talk expectations and budgets. I have a workaround plan for audiences that are low on cash but enormous in heart and soul.

Scroll below to see what others are saying. I look forward to connecting.

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What Audience Members Are Saying

Every single face was rapt as they watched Lizbeth. That’s pretty darn impressive, if you ask me.

Lloyd Russell

Recycle Bookstore Bookclub Organizer, San Jose, CA

Ms. Meredith’s story is truly amazing!  I read her book upon learning that she would be a featured speaker at a conference I was attending and found it to be an inspirational story of courage and strength.  After listening to her speak, it gave me renewed excitement, appreciation, dedication and devotion for the work I do in helping survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  I highly recommending both reading Ms. Meredith’s story and attending a speaking engagement.

Mindy Lowrance

Alaska Network on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault

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