Sunday Roundup – My Top Three Stories for the Week


Liz’s Top Three–

  • Local Women Fight to End Domestic Violence

When 20 year-old Shannon Shockey was murdered by her former boyfriend 15 years ago, her aunts agreed never to let her memory fade.  They’ve created a website– –and an annual event to empower women with the hope of preventing similar tragedies.

  • Law Firm Backs New International Child Abduction Campaign

In Britain, the acknowledgement that international child abduction is steeply increasing has resulted in a new information campaign.

  • Siblings reunited after 65 years with help of 7-year-old Facebook user

When Clifford Boyson confided in a seven year-old boy that he’d been separated from his sister, he had no idea the boy would employ his knowledge of technology to solve the problem.

Family is important”, little Eddie Hanselin said. “I went on Facebook and I typed in Boyson. There were a whole bunch of pictures that showed up. One of them kind of looked like Clifford and I zoomed in on it and it started to really look like Clifford, [so] I showed it to my mom and dad.”

It’s amazing what the faith of a child can accomplish. 

Have a great week.