Chances are, if you live in the United States, chances are you’ll interact with the Social Security Office. It’s can be simple if you’re applying for retirement benefits. But should you be the one of millions who are petitioning for assistance regarding a physical or mental disability, good luck. Your work is cut out for you.

Spencer Bishins was a lawyer for the Social Security Administration for over a decade, and was frustrated by the volume of consumers he couldn’t help. Today, he’s authored Social Security Disability Benefits Revealed: Why It’s So Hard to Access Benefits and What You Can Do About It.

While this episode is specifically about dealing with social security disability benefits in the States, there are some general takeaways to navigating other government agencies you may need for yourself or a loved one.

You will learn:

·        Solid record-keeping and learning as much about the system you’re seeking aid from can save on time and disappointment.

·        Hopeful applicants may benefit from having an attorney or advocate but must remain engaged and involved and avoid abdicating their authority to find success.

·        The formula for who gets support shifts with mandates, funding, and the staff and sometimes courts who administer the benefits.

Spencer Bishins is a lawyer who worked for the Social Security Administration for 11 years. This is his first book.
To learn more about his work and get his book, find him at or connect with him on LinkedIn HERE.

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