As We Listen to Hard Things

As We Listen to Hard Things

“Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut,”  a dear friend used to say. I’ve had too little success living that message. But as the world has turned on its ear, and more people of color have come forward to bear testimony to life as a minority in...
As We Listen to Hard Things

Finding Moments of Peace

How are things in your world? Wherever you are, and however the world is in your immediate environment, I hope you’ll find a glimmer of peace.   Mine have come during walks or when appreciating my new office mate (Oliver, right) while teleworking twice a...

When Showing Up is Enough

I was so in need of a break before I set off for what we Alaskans call the Lower 48 some weeks back. Getting closer to retirement from a job I have loved and occasionally loathed, I’ve been searching for what comes next and where to live it. I’ve hoped for a place...

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