How are things in your world?

Wherever you are, and however the world is in your immediate environment, I hope you’ll find a glimmer of peace.


Mine have come during walks or when appreciating my new office mate (Oliver, right) while teleworking twice a month for the time being.

Enjoying a good book (loving The Girlfriend Mom by Dani Alpert!) or seeing more of both my daughters in the newer, less-restricted Alaska COVID-protocol. My copywriting class from Marie Forleo.

I admonished myself for being less in touch recently with a friend who lives out of state. She replied(paraphrased), “Don’t feel badly. Since we’re all essentially house bound, there’s nothing new to say.”

So very true.

I hope you are finding glimmers of peace and joy in this slowed-down time. I’d like to forecast better times ahead. It just will take a while.

Thank you for stopping by.







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