You might think that being a twin means you’ll experience the world around you similarly.

Not so, says identical twins and authors Joan and Jane, former therapists turned psychiatric entertainers. Perhaps it was their forced separation by medical staff when they emerged as preemies and sequestered from one another and all physical touch for a prolonged period of time. But each twin felt and acted out their shared experiences differently.

You will learn:

  • Even tiny infants can bear lifelong impact when dealing with trauma.
  • Despite the same DNA and life experiences in early childhood, trauma can present differently for twins.
  • Respect, compassion, and humor are critical ingredients to work through conflict.

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Under the Hood: Therapy Twins Guide to a Smoother Ride
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Bio: Joan and Jane are authors, podcasters, and coaches who use their humor and vulnerability to reveal their stories of childhood, family, and mental health.

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