Sometimes it feels as though life has it in for us. Since publishing my book and more recently, when that book became a movie, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with so many people around the world, many experiencing crises similar to those I wrote about like abuse and parental kidnappings.

But though I don’t work with people who’re in acute active crises any longer, there are some things that helped that may help you the next time you’re in the thick of it.


You will learn:

  • Strong communication skills, beginning with how you speak to you, helps build and sustain support.
  • Solid and diverse community, not just one person, agency, or place, will help you be refined rather than defined by hardship.
  • Stubborn persistence is key. Having a vision for what you want, and the grace to accept what you get.

Episodes mentioned-
# 17  Traci Philips
#36 with MK Meredith
#61 with Kerryn Vaughan

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Lizbeth’s memoir, now a movie! Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters

Lizbeth’s memoir, now a movie! Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters

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Lizbeth Meredith is an author, speaker, and coach who retired after a 30 year career working with victims and offenders of crime and abuse. She has a graduate degree in psychology. Her book is now a TV movie on Lifetime and available on Vudu and Amazon Prime.

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