After routine medical procedures turned ugly, successful model and mom of young boys,
Christine Handy was then diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer. She doubted her will to fight it, but friends, family, and faith prevailed, and today she is a survivor and ambassador for cancer survivors everywhere.


Today, Christine is an author and speaker who partners with Paul Mitchell’s EBeauty
to provide wigs for cancer survivors. Her book, Walk Beside Me, is a fictional account of her life.

You will learn:

  • Friends and family sometimes long to be useful and help us during hard times.
  • Christine’s definition of happiness versus joy.
  • The fight to live can inspire an unshakeable confidence.

Christine Handy is the author of Walk Beside Me, a novel based on her life’s story, a speaker, and is on the board of directors for E-Beauty, a national wig exchange program.

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