Private Violence and APB/ Liz’s Monday Roundup


My computer just returned from sick leave so I’ll be brief.

Lesson learned: If you get a pop-up saying Windows Advanced Security found problems on your computer, that is malware. Don’t click on anything!

Private Violence, or click on the safe link to see their website. It follows a battered women’s advocate as she faces the same questions people have been asking of victims for years.

APB with Troy Dunn on TNT. How great is this?

Troy has spent his career tracking down lost loved one’s after helping his mom find her family many years ago.  This week, he reunited three men who were found abandoned as little boys in a hotel and adopted out to different homes. You can watch the episode free on Demand or online. Get out your kleenex. It’s bittersweet.

As this blog transitions to include more about finding healthy relationships, I’m thrilled to debut it with an interview by author Susan Page.  Please join me next week.

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