Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch

Courtesy of Alaska Dispatch

How many times do we envision one outcome and end up with another?

Lately, that’s all I’ve got going on.

There are the little things.  My long awaited Memorial Day weekend went wonky when a wildfire made breathing for all of us Alaskan’s a bit more challenging.

Goodbye, rafting plans. Hello, cable television. Fortunately, there were some great films on, and I know I’m fortunate that my home is not in the line of fire.

My heater broke (frankly, what better time in Alaska to have your heater break than in summer?) and one of my daughter’s relationship ended when her boyfriend’s cat pooped in her shoe.

LuLu and Oliver

LuLu and Oliver

Didn’t see any of that coming.

The bigger news. After two solid months of my modest effort on, I’m happy to shut down my account and return to my quiet life. Quiet, but not entirely solitary.

I had expected I would get out of the house a bit, and I did. I expected I would meet some characters, and I did. I had hoped to hear some great stories, and I definitely did. But I also did make a worthwhile connection worth looking into.

But who knew it was Craigslist that would provide me with nearly instant and unconditional love? A love safe enough that I would throw caution to the wind and share a ride in the same car on our very first meeting?

I now am a true believer: It is possible to find love online. And I definitely did not see that coming.

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