I’m not certain in which book, blog, or podcast it was that I first learned about the Five a Day plan.

Find five very ordinary things in your life that right this very minute you are grateful for. Then say them, either out loud, or in your head. Maybe a good cup of coffee, as an example, pipes that didn’t freeze in the winter cold, etc.

It’s a sneaky way to train your brain to find the good in the midst of good times and in the other times.

It’s important for so many reasons. In seasons of darkness, our brains may trick us into thinking things won’t get better. But they can.

I read recently that in the US, our life expectancy is declining for the third year in a row due to opioid deaths, suicide, obesity, and liver disease. People from all ages and backgrounds are finding themselves engulfed in situations that seem insurmountable, not realizing there are others who’ve walked in their shoes, waiting to help.

I’ve made some incremental strides on building habits that have lessened my own seasonal depression considerably, decreasing sugar, exercising regularly, forcing myself to be with people at least a few times a week when I’d rather be holed up alone.

But sometimes I mess up big. I made a whole week of healthy lunches and ate nearly all of them before I got them in containers earlier this week. I got off my sleep cycle and overslept for work yesterday, missing an appointment with my new employee.

But I keep trying. ????

Today’s in the moment Five a Day are-

  1. Pretty snow.
  2. Warm blankets.
  3. Two plump and cuddly cats.
  4. My draft novel is with a new proof (beta) reader.
  5. Connecting with you.

What’re you grateful for today?

This winter, podcasts of every kind have helped me stay inspired. There’s a podcast for everything. From mental health to aging gracefully, caregiving, to dealing with trauma, you don’t have to leave your home to get encouragement from others. (You do need internet, though!) Just Google Podcast for ___ and insert your subject.

Suicide Hotline   1-800-273-8255.

I’ll be relaunching my website soon to coincide with new projects.

Have a great week, and thanks for the comments and private emails that let me know you’re with me.



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