Hello, friend.

I’m ready for warmer days and less isolation. How about you?

This may be one of my last words-only posts. I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years in addition to writing and making a living. And sometimes it feels as though I’m writing only for myself. (Except for my awesome brother Danny, who always reads and replies and I’m so very grateful!).

Just as I was preparing to morph my blog, I got a wonderful comment on a very old blog post. While I won’t disclose details to preserve her privacy, it reminded me that sometimes people need connection, even with a stranger, and writing and sharing stories meets that need.

But so does podcasting. For a long, long time, I’ve wanted to have a podcast. To create interviews, and nurture community where weary humans could get a dose of inspiration, hearing stories from people they might not have had cause to meet. Stories threaded together with a dose of persistence. Because I truly believe that for people who are not well-connected, for those of us who don’t have innate talents or massive good luck, there is a feeling of envy, of being left out, of feeling alone and insecure. Persistence U podcast will be a community college for listeners, welcoming and accessible to those who need to hear from survivors and strivers who keep plugging along.

It’s a topic I know too well. I fumble through much of life, rife with goals, but with a ton of obstacles. From learning issues to basic coordination, technology glitches to two feline rapscallions acting out each and every time I film course content or am interviewed from home, this is no walk in the park. Yet it is what I’ve wanted, a chance to carve out a second chapter. And I know I am truly fortunate to embrace it.

So I tell myself that I’m in a space of learning. Of how to interview. How to edit. How to launch a digital course. How to stay positive when sooo many things go wrong. It’s ironic that I’d like to give up sometimes on the marketing of a class in Persistence U on Teachable.  But I’ll make myself push through. ????

So what does this mean to you?

I will do my best to substitute twice monthly blog posts with four times monthly podcasts. Win! And I’ll post show notes here, so if you don’t fancy listening, you can still benefit.
If you like listening, please feel free to review it.

Eventually, I’ll add a sponsor feature for those who’d like to contribute a coffee’s worth of money a month to help offset expenses. But for now, I am truly scared and tired and thrilled and excited, all at once, to launch the podcast, Persistence U by Lizbeth within the next two weeks. When the link is available, I’ll post it on my author page and send announcements on Facebook and via email.  If you haven’t already, please sign up for my newsletter to stay in touch, no matter what happens in the future of social media.

Thank you for reading, and know I’m so happy to look forward to the next decade with you.



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