Woot! Welcome to a blog changing to a podcast.

It’s my first week this week as a podcaster. Eventually, the show notes will have it’s own place, but for now, here we go.

Weds, March 3, the episode will be downloadable. Persistence U with Lizbeth.

It was my pleasure to begin with Marti, the best friend from high school that I reconnected with two decades ago and we’ve been inseparable since. Forever an optimist, 2020 pressed hard on her. I love hearing how she dealt.

circa 1980


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In a year filled with strife–relationship challenges, the sudden death of her only sibling, a worldwide pandemic, and racial tensions that morphed into the workplace– how did this eternally upbeat, long-time school district employee continue to serve at risk kids and families with passion?  Marti Guzman seized the opportunity to bond with a foster child and found a niche in helping both friends and strangers connect with funds they didn’t know they had.

You’ll learn:

  • How acts of service can be self-care.
  • Why simply getting through a series of catastrophic events isn’t enough.

Bonus: Tips to see if you have unclaimed money.

Marti Guzman has worked for the Anchorage School District for 18 years and is a Family Services Coordinator. She has a degree in Human Services.

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