Recorded on the 31st anniversary of my leaving an abusive marriage, the journey out of poverty and domestic violence required some heavy -lifting as well as finding the right kind of information and support. Four years after that, my daughter’s kidnapping out of country was the unintended consequence of leaving, and yet the beautiful show of community¬† that spanned the globe was something I would forever want to replicate.

Persistence U¬† Podcast was born out of my desire to create a supportive community provided by and for survivors and strivers. I’m so excited about the wonderful souls I’ve met already during my podcast journey, and can’t wait to introduce them to you.

You’ll learn:

  • The Why behind Persistence U with Lizbeth
  • That leaving abuse does not always mean the abuse ends.
  • That with a supportive community, improbable goals become possible.

Thank you for listening and reading.


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