Like many Peace Corps volunteers,  young Evelyn LaTorre fell in love with a handsome man native to the country she served. The two eventually married. Unlike many of her Peace Corp peers, Evelyn remains happily married to the same man 55 years later.





Here, Evelyn shares her story of determination to overcome a surprise pregnancy, her parent’s disapproval, and the cross-cultural differences between her and her husband, as well as the grit it’s now taking to publish two memoirs, back-to-back.

You’ll learn:
*The ingredients that have led to a successful partnership between Evelyn and her husband.
*How Christmas newsletters saved over the years can help form a story outline.
*That it’s never too late to publish your first book.

Evelyn is the author of Between Inca Walls and Love in Any Language.She holds a doctorate in multicultural education from the University of San Francisco and a master’s degree in social welfare from UC Berkeley.  She worked as a bilingual school psychologist and school administrator in public education for 32 years until her retirement in 2002.

Her writing has appeared in World View Magazine, The Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin, the California Writers Club Literary Review, the Tri-City Voice, Dispatches, and Clever Magazine, and Conscious Connection, to name a few.

Evelyn loves to travel. She and her husband visit Peru often. To date, the couple have traveled to nearly 100 countries.  You can view her stories and photos on her website:

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