Looking at Jen Kiaba’s art and writing, you’d never guess that she grew up inside a religion that discouraged personal expression.

In this interview, Jen talks about her wedding to a virtual stranger within the Unification Church,  and how breaking her vow to him meant vowing to move toward freedom.

You will learn:

  • That oppressive religions and cults exercise similar control over members as abusers do over domestic abuse victims.
  •  That leaving the Unification church or similarly high-control groups can be dangerous and have many unintended consequences, including alienation from family members remaining inside the group.
  • There is life after leaving, but the journey to freedom is difficult.                                                Bio: Jen Kiaba is an artist and educator who grew up in the infamous Unification Church, a religious group referred to by popular media as “the Moonies” and a primary example of a cult.  As an artist she uses photography to explore the failure of faith and the resulting loss of identity that occurs.

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