Kathryn Bennett wanted to be sober. She went to meetings, saw a counselor. But it wasn’t enough. Not everyone can sit quietly and engage in the exercises offered during treatment.

Rather than giving up, Kathryn challenged herself physically by entering the world of power-lifting.

Today, Kathryn is a nationally placed lifter who enjoys speaking about her journey toward sobriety and fitness.

You will learn:

  • Relapse is part of the cycle of substance abuse continuum.
  • Finding the right support and sponsors is key to success.
  • Gradual success in a different life domain builds confidence that may positively impact sobriety efforts.                                                                                                                                            Bio: Kathryn Bennet is a nationally ranked, sober competitive strongwoman. Find her on LinkedIn, where she posts about her journey from sloppy drunk (her words, not mine!) to Utah’s strongest woman where she posts about lifting, sobriety, and mental health.

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