Author MK Meredith dreaded turning 39, the age her own mom was when she died of breast cancer. MK had watched her health, did BRACA tests to look at her level of risk, and held her breath through her 39th year. Two days before her 40th birthday, her doctor delivered the breast cancer diagnosis.

A successful romance writer, MK used her writing chops to document her cancer and wellness journey in Not Your Usual Boob.

You will learn:

  • Trusting your gut regarding health is critical, even when medical providers are resistant.
  • Self-advocacy and persistence can mean the difference between life and death.
  • When the free information and books distributed by the medical community isn’t helpful, write your own, and as MK says,”…Then step forward.”                                                                             BIO: MK Meredith is the author of sizzling romance novels and her memoir, Not Your Usual Boob. Find her at                                                                                       Authors, want to increase your confidence while promoting your work? Join the waitlist for Book Marketing on the Skinny by clicking HERE.                               

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