When you hear about someone in an abuse relationship, do you picture the victim as passive?

Former police officer Nenia Corcoran shares that exact moment when she realized her own marriage mirrored that of an abuse victim in crisis.

You will learn:

  • An abuse victim will often try to forecast how her day will go based on her partner’s moods, and adjust her behaviors accordingly to keep the peace.
  •  Isolation often keeps abuse victims immobilized.
  •  Recovery from abuse may take years, and often requires seeking professional help and the willingness to dissect the relationship, including early warning signs that were missed.                   BIO: Nenia Corcoran is an author, speaker, and domestic abuse survivor who uses her experiences and training to help other women break the silence of domestic abuse. Connect with Nenia and her work at NeniaCorcoran.com.                                                                                        Authors, are you overwhelmed at the idea of marketing your books? Join my waitlist for Book Marketing on the Skinny by clicking HERE

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