When Liz Merrill’s daughters approached her years ago to ask Liz to leave the marriage with their father, she was stunned. Like so many parents, she’d believed that it was best for kids to grow up with their original parents.  The process of leaving and pursuing co-parenting nudged Liz to help other parents dealing with high-conflict separations. Today, she is a mediator to support people needing help navigating divorce.

You will learn:

  • There are many things people can do to soften the typically contentious divorce or custody process.
  •  Children are impacted by toxicity in the home and harmful separations, and can be positively impacted when their parents learn to peacefully co-parent-together or apart.
  • Mediation can be dangerous for persons in a coercive controlling or abusive relationship, but mediators can help coordinate needed services to support the person being controlled.                  Bio: Liz Merrill, B.A., M.M., is a Fort Collins mediator and she brings compassion, intelligence and humor to the field of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). … She’s not an attorney, but a natural divorce mediator.

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