When Judith Joy’s daughter asked her mom to teach her whatever she’d learned that had worked to combat headaches, depression, and other symptoms, Judith was only too happy to share. Her daughter followed her footsteps into a healing profession, and today, both are committed to principals of gratitude, manifestation, and creating possibilities.

You will learn:

  • That children watch their parent’s example closely, even when they appear to dislike us.
  • Gratitude is a perfect first step in choosing to heal.
  • The way to surviving teenagers may well be to understand that they’re not a reflection of us, but their own individual person.                                                                                                         BIO 
    Judith Joy is a manifestation coach, teacher, healer, speaker, and author of the inspirational books, “Surviving Your Teenager…And Being Happy Anyway” and “Dear Future Lover …Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life.” Judith’s journey has led her to 20+ years of study and research of how the heart and mind work together, resulting in her creation of “It’s Possible!” a simple four-step manifestation process. She helps people discover the art of claiming their power, being High Vibe, and creating possibilities that work for them.



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