Evonne Marzouk was initially inspired to write while she was in college, but life kept getting in the way. Yet one story kept nudging her to be written. More than a decade of starts and stops, Evonne created space to tell the story that wouldn’t let go of her when the pandemic hit.

 You will learn:

  • Sometimes, delaying our dreams helps us become the person we need to be to successfully complete them.
  •  Getting the right support can make the difference between wishing and making a plan.
  • Finding someone who’s just a few steps ahead in successfully accomplishing a similar goal provides the accountablity and hope needed for completion.   BIO: Evonne Marzouk is the author of The Prophetess and is a popular guest at book groups. She attended Johns Hopkins University and leads an organization that teaches Jewish wisdom about protecting the environment. Connect with her at www.growintoyourgifts.com or on Instagram at @evonnemarz.

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