Katie Barbaro’s world was rocked when a relationship ended.  It created opportunity for self-discovery, and emboldened her to look deeply at issues which were holding her back, like her longtime eating disorder and the accompanying shame. So in her recently published graphic novel Fed Up: An Illustrated Guide to Food Freedom, she unpacked serious issues in an accessible format.

You will learn:

  • Individual therapy alone may not be sufficient to treat eating disorders.
  • Overeaters Anonymous is a supportive group that provides free support for those struggling with issues related to food, not just weight struggles.
  • Sometimes the most important part of getting support to address a problem what is learned when giving that support back to another.                                                                                       BIO: Katie Barbaro is an occupational therapist, standup comedian, and author of the graphic novel Fed Up, hoping to de-stigmatize eating disorders. Connect with Katie at thefedupbook.com.

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