Toby Passman isn’t your typical 20-something.

When his anxiety interrupted conversations and relationships, he began to apply the research he’d been doing in school to himself, using neurostimulation to retrain his brain. He saw the difference almost immediately. He went to work later at an EEG lab and started data collection with an eye toward helping improve the brain function of those impacted by some mental health conditions.

You will learn:
* There are different ways to address anxiety and depression besides medication.
* Neurostimulation is a painless way to stimulate different parts of the brain, and may provide positive effects earlier than traditional means.
* Some practioners can provide virtual neurofeedack.                                                                                 BIO: Toby Passman is a neurophysiology researcher and founder of an applied neuroscience company using EEG neurofeedback and transcranial stimulation.  He can be reached at Roscoe’s wetsuit

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