Teresa Moerer was certain physical therapy would be her  dream career.

It was not. But rather than waste the training and experiences earned during her long career spent in numerous locations, she found fulfillment in creative outlets and taking the best of the training and principles she learned to create her own business model where she promotes health and wellness for older adults.

You will learn:

  • The crushing impact isolation and touch starvation may cause.
  • Small changes we can do at home, like cooking a new recipe with different herbs and spices than we normally use, having art on the walls, or even going outdoors can combat burnout and fatigue.
  • That taking up a new craft or hobby can increase resilience.                                                       BIO: Teresa Moerer is a physical therapist, author, and consultant who helps others learn about health, wellness, and caring for aging parents. Connect with her at www.teresamoerer.com.

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