Kerryn Vaughan was living her best life in her 30’s, playing in a rock band in Australia and enjoying the adulation when her younger sister received a cancer diagnosis. Kerryn felt helpless, watching her sister die, and it took a long while before she was able to pivot.

Today, Kerryn’s the host of Get Off the Bench Podcast, an author, and a leader teaching others how to greenlight their own world-changing passion projects.

  • The oldest child in a large family often takes on the role of protector.
  • Grief can be transformative when not rushed. The best intentions for charitable giving can go awry, but there are nearly always workarounds.                                                                        BIO: Kerryn Vaughan is an author, motivational speaker, and facilitator of change. She podcasts at Get Off The Bench, and can be reached at

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