Daniel Hess was just a little boy when his close-as-a -brother cousin died. Daniel himself was born with aortic valve stenosis, a heart defect that meant he couldn’t play sports like other kids. He could have easily focused on the limitations, but from the beginning, pursued academia.


You will learn:
 The inability to pursue some things due to health problems created opportunities and motivation to pursue others.
 Serious health problems can crystalize and help prioritize what is important.
 Filmmaking and writing can be a powerful way to commemorate a lost loved one.

BIO: Daniel Hess is a filmmaker/writer from Baltimore, Maryland. Born with aortic valve stenosis, Daniel found his focus on academia and creativity developed from a young age. Now in life moving past open heart surgery to replace his valve, he has self-published a collection of poetry (Just a Boy Blaming Himself) and his first novel (Focus Puller) in addition to his screenwriting work. 

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