“We need to get rid of your mother,” David Crows father told him when he was a young boy. He’d worried David would experience the mental health problems that she did, and insisted David help dispose of her to reduce the likelihood.

What happened next became the award-winning memoir, The Pale Faced Lie, now optioned for film.

You will learn:

1. Parents forcing children to form allegiances after their relationship together ends  create near-irreparable harm
2. Our brains can be retrained, no matter what’s happened in our past if we have the right interventions.
3. The process of writing whether it be journaling or a more long form for publication, can clear a way for healing and human connection.

BIO:DAVID CROW is the author of the award-winning memoir The Pale-Faced Lie, a riveting story about family, survival,and the healing power of forgiveness. Connect with him at davidcrowauthor.com.


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