Karen Mills wrote off her tummy pooch as simply another sign of menopause.  After all, what menopausal woman doesn’t gain a bit of belly weight, or have trouble fully evacuating during urination ?

When her doctor saw her for a routine appointment, she eventually learned that she had ovarian cancer.

You will learn:

  • The signs of ovarian cancer are often non-existent, or mimic symptoms of general menopause or other conditions.
  • Even in the thick of crisis, there are opportunities for hilarity.
  • A positive mindset and the ability to laugh are important to becoming a victor over adversity.

For Karen Mill’s TEDx talk, click HERE.

BIO: Karen Mills has been a professional comedian for nearly 30 years. She can be heard daily on SiriusXM comedy channels and is touring theaters across the country with Leanne Morgan.  In 2013, her ovarian cancer and wicked humor landed her a TEDx Talk, Cancer is a Laughing Matter.

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