While teens her age worried about  the prom and high school graduation, Kerrie Atherton was planning to end her life. The weight of depression, trauma, and substance abuse had become too much.

A meeting at Alcoholics Anonymous was the first important step toward recovery, and since then, Kerrie’s not looked back.



You will learn:

  • Sometimes, contemplating suicide isn’t the real desire to die, but  the inability to know how to continue with life as it presently is.
  • Issues in the home like parental substance use and/or a family member’s mental health struggles are factors in Adverse Childhood Experiences and increase the likelihood of subsequent addiction concerns of the child.
  • The changing of circumstances does not resolve deeply rooted addictive behavior.

To connect with Kerrie Atherton, now a podcaster, keynote speaker, and author, click HERE

Kerrie Atherton is the founder of HOPE Australia and EMPOWER Life Solutions. She is a keynote speaker, author, event host, and addictions recovery coach.

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