It’s been over nine months since I packed my few boxes, stuffed my cats in an airplane, and flew from Alaska to Tennessee to a home where I knew no one, leaving the place where I’d spent more than 5 decades of my life.

It’s been tough, leaving the state that essentially raised me, leaving my grown daughters, and starting over again.

But the gold has been in the struggle.

You will learn:

  • Often a goal becomes less important than the incremental emotional muscle gained during the process.
  • Too much time alone, even for introverts, can be counterproductive.
  • Developing a solid community and new life takes time, effort, and the willingness to fail.

BIO: Lizbeth Meredith is an author, speaker, and coach who helps those grounded in grit turn their challenges into their superpower. She has a graduate degree in psychology and has worked as a domestic abuse survivor advocate and probation officer.

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