I’ve officially joined those of you who feel stuck in your home.

COVID gave the dream of retiring a whole new look this month when I realized we may be in for a much longer struggle than I’d imagined.

How are you whittling the extra time away?


Here are a few things I’m doubling down on at are affordable and accessible.


If you’re able to leave your place, walking, even if it’s on a school track or empty parking lot is a mind-calming way to get exercise. I read this article on the benefits of even very slow walking, and am now aiming now to reach 12,000 steps 4-5 times a week by spring.  (The snow and ice in Alaska are making it tough for the moment.) It’s good to have goals, right?  If you don’t like quiet while you walk, it’s a great time to tune in to a podcast or audiobook.

Can’t get out?   Shape Magazine listed at home resources. Planet Fitness and some other on this list can help.    

Enrichment and Entertainment

If you fancy free courses, MasterClass is offering one free session a month on various topics. Love travel, or the idea of it?  Try a virtual tour here.







And I’m such a fan of podcasts to get news, inspiration, and entertainment. The Courageous Recovery Podcast I was fortunate to be on, and Marie Forleo and Trent Shelton podcasts offer a kick in the pants with an upbeat message. After I finish my online marketing course, I’ll work to learn podcasting basics myself to support good conversations and Lizbeth’s Persistence U on Teachable.

And lastly, you’re welcome to join me for an Exchange on Fun Fridays  Facebook Live on my author page. ( I had to dig deep to find a final E that I could weave in to fit with the title.) We’ve got to create gatherings where we can, and here, I’ll ask for input on future courses and books at times.






What’s your healthiest survival tip?

Thanks for stopping by. And big thank you to my family and friends for the love regarding retiring. My little sister and big brother sent extra joy this week, for which I’m so very grateful.

This period in hour history will be just a memory one day. We have to treat ourselves well to get there.


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